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Turn Bad Meetings Good!

Our clients tell us meetings are destroying their productivity. They are often dull energy sapping ordeals, and it's even worse during COVID. Time spent in meetings for senior managers has increased from 50% to 63%. Just getting rid of one hour long meeting a week saves 118 days a year for a team of twenty. That's a lot of energy that can be re-applied to high quality work.

So our focus this month is how to kick start your meetings. Turn them into super productive and highly engaging events to savour! 


Expert Tips for Virtual Meetings

In the new world of virtual meetings it is the start of the meeting that sets the tone for the event. But how do you get the pulse of the group and give the meeting purpose? Here are some great approaches based on personal experience: 

Chair Meetings like a Ninja

Teams everywhere have pretty much had enough of the pandemic and your role as a leader has never been more important.  You are probably most visible when you chair a virtual meeting, so its an important opportunity to create purpose and cohesion:


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Productivity Ninja Publications 

Co-written by our founder Graham Allcott and Productivity Ninja Hayley Watts,  How to Fix Meetings explains how to reduce the amount of time you spend in meetings, and ensure that the ones that you do attend are genuine opportunities to collaborate and get stuff done.

Struggle by Productivity Expert and Productivity Ninja, Grace Marshall, finds "the surprising truth, beauty and opportunity hidden in life's sh*ttier moments". Struggle is a fresh, soothing and helpful take on dealing with the ups and downs of life. Check out the free webinar with Grace below and look for the special Kindle edition offer to our readers - 99¢ only on launch day 12th April!

Next in Our Free Webinar Series 

Struggle: What if we got it all wrong about getting it wrong?


Join Productivity Ninja Grace Marshall as she takes a closer look at things we struggle with at work, and shines a surprising new light on the truth, beauty and opportunity hidden in life’s sh*!*ier moments. Grab a spot now!

How to Fix Meetings

Join Productivity Ninjas Graham Allcott and Hayley Watts, authors of ‘How to Fix Meetings’, at our free webinars to help you gain control of your calendar and to start making time for what matters - getting stuff done. Grab a spot now!

Gain Control of Your Day

Join Think Productive North America’s President, Barbara Green, for an engaging, interactive and thought-provoking session to learn how to overcome information overload by managing your attention not your time. Register now!:



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